Accelerating Digital Innovation in HR Services 

A perfect storm is brewing in HR: new generations have entered the workforce, placing high demands on their digital environment. As baby boomers leave the workforce at a time of economic boom, a shortage of skilled workers becomes apparent. The customer is king in society, and the employee is king in a corporate context. This puts employee experience high on the agenda at companies that want to attract and retain talent. HR Tech and HR services companies are adapting to the new reality quickly.

HR Services whitepaper cover

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  • How employee experience is changing the HR function.
  • What the 7 must-haves are when developing innovative, digital HR services.
  • How Identity and Access Management removes the roadblocks to secure digital innovation in HR services.
  • How European HR services leader SD Worx deploys IAM as the cornerstone for digitized processes and greater user experience.
  • Why TrustBuilder is the IAM vendor of reference to secure your HR services