Financial Services State-of-the-Market Survey

What are the strategic priorities of financial services companies? How do these strategic priorities translate into technology choices? Are all financial services companies moving at the same pace on their digital transformation journey? You will find the answers to these questions in a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting ​on behalf of TrustBuilder.

TrustBuilder - 2021 Financial Services Survey

While all financial service companies are digitizing their products and services, and improve their customer experience, some organizations are ahead of the curve and are connecting to third-party solutions, building digital ecosystems and exploring new business models to monetize these ecosystems. Based on these findings, TrustBuilder developed a Maturity Model

This study discusses:

  • The shift to digital customer services
  • How budget increase is aligned to strategic priorities
  • What differentiates leaders from novices
  • The security concerns related to digital ecosystems
  • The five stages of digital maturity
  • How TrustBuilder’s Maturity Assessment helps identify roadblocks